Our Board of Directors

President Kent Klinkefus president@midwestaronia.org
Vice President Lynn Jensen vicepresident@midwestaronia.org
Secretary/Treasurer Janice Mann secretary@midwestaronia.org/treasurer@midwestaronia.org
Membership – Co-Chair Steve Crites membership@midwestaronia.org
Membership – Co-Chair Kevin Kraft membership@midwestaronia.org
Public Relations – Newsletter Dennise Bowyer publicrelations@midwestaronia.org
Education and Research – Co-Chair Dean Tranel edresearch@midwestaronia.org
Education and Research – Co-Chair Leroy Godfrey edresearch@midwestaronia.org
Information Technology Rich Voyek technology@midwestaronia.org
Events – Co Chair Dale Hilgenkamp events@midwestaronia.org
Events – Co Chair Peggy Hobza events@midwestaronia.org

2019 MAA Board and Committee Chairs
missing – Janice Mann and Peggy Hobza