State Fair 2015 Help

Greetings on behalf of the Midwest Aronia Association!

Although it may seem a long way off, planning for the Iowa State Fair is well under way. The Midwest Aronia Association (MAA) will again be represented in the Agriculture Building and has another SignUpGenius sheet prepared calling upon you to help educate those passing by our booth. Please take a minute to look over the signup sheet and get your plans made to help out at the State Fair (August 13-23).

In addition, near Grandfather’s Barn the Wine Experience hosts speakers daily. The MAA has four time slots to spread the word about Aronia. If you are interested in sharing your experience about Aronia, please contact Peggy Fogle at or Erlene Fopma at We are scheduled for the afternoons on August 14, 16, 20 and 22. Speakers will receive a parking pass and one admission for that day.

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