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The gospel of Aronia

Luken: More antioxidants than blueberries and pomegranates March 14, 2014 By JOLENE STEVENS – Farm News staff writer (grovecorner@aol.com) , Farm News AKRON – Mary Luken said she’s one to often look for ways to make an extraordinary experience out of the ordinary. “I began thinking about the recipes (people) might be interested in,” she […]

Hardy Perennial Plant Suggestions for your Acreage or Small Farm

Big Picture Agriculture March 20, 2014 K. McDonald There is a very remarkable nursery in Northeastern Nebraska, near the farm where I grew up, called HH Wild Plums Inc. It was founded by the famous (but not as famous as he should be) horticulturalist plant finder, Harlan Hamernik. He passed away tragically in 2012, and […]

Growing Green: Color and Texture in Shady Spots

By Robin Trott 3-25-2014 Gardeners face many challenges, from soil type and slopes to standing water and weeds. For those that have more shade than sun, plant selection can be a significant limiting factor.  If you are tired of hosta, ferns and impatiens, and want to add something that adds more color and texture to […]

Aronia berries: North American fruits bursting with antioxidants

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Michael Ravensthorpe (NaturalNews) Aronia is a North American shrub that bears fruits which resemble dark purple-colored cranberries. Despite their ordinary appearance, however, these fruits – which are commonly called Aronia berries or chokeberries – boast an unusually impressive nutritional profile. Indeed, a couple of years ago, many mainstream newspapers – […]

Better Late Than Never “The aronia berry’s untold story” Natural Solutions Magazine

Better Late Than Never December 4th, 2013 The aronia berry’s untold story By Adam Swenson Natural Solutions Magazine Aronia melanocarpa is a plant that has been hidden in plain sight for many years. In a 1973 article titled “The Enigmatic Chokeberries,” North Carolina State botanist James W. Hardin writes, “The species of Aronia (chokeberries) are native […]

Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market

Local Organic Food Market Welcome to Ellwood Thompson’s Natural Food Market, where our commitment to local and organic foods really shines. We offer a varied selection of locally grown and produced food items in our Richmond market, ensuring you’ll find just what you’re looking for when you come visit. Our selection doesn’t stop at super […]