2014 Conference Presentations

These are available to everyone that attended this years conference.  They will be offered to others for a fee shortly.

Click here to get the 2014 Conference presentations and audio files.


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  1. Jeff Mann says:

    Would like to see this before next years conference. I missed because I was on vacation. This should be a simple web page link available for members with free access. We should invest in our web page to have presentations available for members. On the main screen it says they are available but you must be a member. When I log in as a member I cant see a thing regarding the past presentations. If not just put them on YouTube and direct members to the site. You can record on a cell phone and transfer to a link or YouTube. Make it worth becoming a member!!!!!! There shouldn’t be a fee for this, it should be included in our dues. We join for a reason, to learn.

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